Jason Isbell

Hurricanes And Hand Grenades(Chords)

Jason Isbell

Key: A

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Intro: A  F#m  D  E  A  D  A  G#7 

        A                      A7 
I got a glass of wine, I got a cigarette 
            D                             Dm 
I should be feelin' fine, I ain't feelin' nothin' yet 
              A          F#m                  D 
She's leadin' second line,   feel like I'm in front of it 
E            A 
Guess I am tonight 

BREAK: D  A  G#7 

I got a cigarette, my glass is empty now 
I got a little wine, but I ain't gonna break it out 
Need somethin' to let me down, when I'm down and out 
I guess I am tonight 

BREAK: D  A  A7 

    D                       Dm 
She told me I took the best years of her life 
    A            E    A    A7 
And she was only seventeen 
    D                              Dm 
She swore I would leave her, but I didn't believe her 
  B                   E 
I called it all a bad dream 

Should move to whiskey now, I got a Lucky left 
Go out and hit the town, but this town can hit itself 
My baby's a day away, and I got a show to play 
In Birmingham tonight 

BREAK: D  A  G#7 

Solo: A  A7  D  Dm  A  F#m  D  E  A  D  A  A7 

There was a time when she would laugh in my face 
Or just and sit judge me silently 
Cried on her shoulder, all these things that I've told her 
Guess I didn't say, didn't say enough about me 

    A              A7 
Now hurricanes and hand grenades 
        D                               Dm 
Are the only things that get you off my mind 
      A       F#m                D 
I'm a day away,   and I've got a show to play 
   E            F#m    D 
In Birmingham tonight 
I'm a day away and I got a show to play 
In Birmingham tonight 

OUTRO: D  A  G#7  A

Written by Jason Isbell

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