Jason Gray

The Wound Is Where The Light Gets In (live)(Chords)

Jason Gray

Key: D

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Verse 1 

D                                       G                 D 
I was half way up the mountain when the rocks I held gave way 
                                        G             A 
Came tumbling like an avalanche, to the bottom wher I lay 
             Bm                 D 
Now with the taste of blood and twist of bone 
My healing could begin 

D A D G 'Cause the wound is where the light, The wound is where the light Bm A D The wound is where the light gets in
Verse 2 D G D I've stood here like a hostage with a knife held to my vain G A Held captive to the poison that I took to numb the pain Bm D G 'Cause everybody wishes they were born with thicker skin Bridge G It's trickey how the heart works When the break ups and the big jecks D Make never want to hurt that way again G Em Maybe I'm naive but in every scare I see D A A place where love is trying to break in D A 'Cause the wound is where the light Verse 3 D G D You can recognise a saint by the scares they don't disguise G A You can pick out a real sinner by the kindness in their eyes Bm D G So if you're stumbling in the dark and bleeding at the (shin?) Remember

Written by Jason Gray/Dan Haseltine

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