Jason Carstens

Song For Her(Chords)

Jason Carstens

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Key: Bm
Song for Her: Jason Carstens 
Intro:  Bm   G     D    A  (2x) (sounds better with a little improve) 
Bm            G              D        A 
How do I say I'm sorry to you 
Bm             		       G                           A 
When you know that my heart hasn't been true 
Bm       G                A          D 
I hate to see it when you cry,  
Bm                    G            A             D 
Seeing the tears flow make me want to die 
Bm          G       D    A 
I love to see you smile 
Bm            G                            A 
When ever I see you my heart goes wild 
Bm            G                A           D 
You are perfect in every single way 
Bm             G               A                  D 
And that's a feeling that just won't go away 
Bm                          D               A             D 
But baby everone makes mistakes sometimes. 
G                Bm           D                             A 
Some are just bigger than the others. 
Bm                         A          D       A         G 
I messed up real bad, this much is true 
G            D              A           Bm            A 
Now my heart just can go on without you 
Bm          G                D            A 
I see you walking with him,  
Bm             G                      A 
And I see the size of your grin 
Bm              G             A              D 
I lie and say that I'm happy for you 
Bm              G              A             D 
Seeing you happy is all I'll ever need 
Bm                    G               D                A 
I don't need to be putting this all onto you 
Bm                    G                     A 
But I promise now my heart is true 
Bm                   G                   A               D 
You wanted a song, so I gave you the truth 
Bm                       G            A                     D 
He's going to kick my butt until it turns blue 
G                   D                 A             D 
I'll always be around, watching over you,  
G                      D               A                     D 
I guess you could say, I'll be two steps behind 
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