Jamie Walters


Jamie Walters

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Key: C
'Winona' by Jamie Walters 

C D G Bm Em C D G 

G                                      Am 
I tried to call you but the line was busy 
D                         G 
Were you talking to a friend? 
Em                          Am 
And when I tried again much later 
D                              G 
I didn't want to let it ring again 

G                           Am 
So you can see I've got a problem 
D                 G 
Back by popular demand 
Em                          Am 
Sometimes I want to keep it from you 
D                             G      G - Bm - Em 
Sometimes I think you'd understand 

Em                     Am 
Could you be my little movie star? 
D                         G      G - Bm - Em 
Could you be my long lost girl? 
Em                            Am 
It's true that I don't really know you 
D                    G 
I'm alone in the world 

(Use chord progression from second verse) 
When I think maybe I need you 
And I don't care if it's not true 
It isn't so much what I need now 
As what I really want from you 


Em       Am     D       G 
I'm alone in the world 
Em       Am     D       G 
I'm alone... 
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