Jamie Walters

Comfort Of Strangers(Chords)

Jamie Walters

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Key: Em
'The Comfort Of Strangers' (Stephanie Tyrell/Kevin Savigar/Steve Tyrell) 
Intro :  Em   C   Am   D 
Verse : 
Em              C              Am                    D 
You took the path of least resistance and i've gone from bad to worse 
Em         C                Am         D 
They say that one man's blessing is another one's curse 
Em               C            Am         D 
The sun shines softly on the ruins as I try to find my way 
Em                 C            Am                    D 
You knew exactly what you were doing but you left me shattered anyway 
Chorus : 
G                       D            Em                        C 
It just kills me to see you runnin' to the comfort of strangers 
G             D              Em     C 
Everyone saw it comin', everyone but me 
G               D                Em                   C 
Funny how time keeps on runnin' like a river of changes 
Am                         C    D                  Em 
And it's left me with nothin' but the comfort of strangers 
verse 2 (Same Chords) : 
I remember when I was helpless and I needed you the most 
You left me so defenseless and vanished like a ghost 
We live without answers forever and it's really not enough 
There's all the reasons we're not together but what does that say about us 
Bridge : 
Like a child inside 
I can't help but cry 
Em                       D 
And I won't let you deny me now, yeah 
Solo :  G  D  Em  C 
(Repeat Chorus) 
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