Jake Bellows

Two Weeks(Chords)

Jake Bellows

Key: G
G                   C             Em 
I ain't never seen a dream come true 
G                        C 
When I wear my favorite shirt 
G                Am 
Just to impress you now, 
    G     Am     C 
Is very hard to do 
Em                         G               C        D 
Like the knife inside the memory makes it hurt 

G                           C        Em 
There's a flower you threw on the stairs 
G                             C 
Looks just a live as when you left 
    D        Am       G 
And for the next two weeks 
             D       C 
I watch the colors creep 
          Em               G                C 
Into the graveyard that I keep beneath the steps 
        D             Em 
from my burnt out cigarettes 
           G                C 
Where the rats have made a nest 
         D               G 
Holding peanuts to their chests 

Em       D       Am       Em         D       Am 

Am                        G       C 
Stay awake and watch the flowers die 
Am                          G       C 
Or go to sleep and know the visions lie 
C           Em           G             Am      C 
And for the next three weeks you see another guy 
        Em                     G         C 
In the mirror when you look beneath the hat, 
             D      Em 
Behind the drunken cigarette,  
          G                   C 
And the beard that hides the face 

All this happened; one week, 
I knew I loved you 
At two weeks 
I thought 'I want to 
Fm         G              C 
Take this mirror off the wall 
         D                Fm 
I don't like this dude at all 
        G           C 
Take a razor to my face 
         D             Em 
Take a picture just in case 
        G                     C 
Things don't work out like I planned 
         D             Em 
and you take another hand 

G       C        D       F#m        B 
Am      C        Em       G         C 
D       Em       G        Fm        C 
Am      G 

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