Jacob Latimore

Heartbreak Heard Around The World(Chords)

Jacob Latimore

Key: G
Capo on 2nd fret
Heartbreak Heard Around the World by Jacob Latimore 
Tabbed by: gamerjrs 


Intro: G D Bm A x2 

           G       D 
Hell of a night, 3:32 
             Bm               A 
Wishing that I was there with you 
           G                 D 
Stuck in a cab, too hard to drive 
               Bm           A 
Yeah I'm just trying to survive 
                          G                   D 
And I was thinking 'bout love, thinking 'bout us 
          Bm                    A 
Even the dream that we dreamed of 
                         G                     D 
And I was thinking 'bout life, thinking 'bout time 
              Bm              A 
Thinking like I'm losing my mind 

You got me singing like 

G   D     Bm                                A 
Oh oh, never gonna find another love like you like 
G   D     Bm                                A 
Oh oh, I had another lover but she just won't do it and 
G                 D 
I can't take it, so come back girl 
Bm                             A 
Swear to God if you don't come back girl like  
G   D     Bm                    A          
Oh oh this will be the heartbreak heard around the world 

This pattern of chords: G D Bm A  is repeated throughout rest of song 

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