Jack Jones

'round Midnight(Chords)

Jack Jones

Key: Dm
Dm           Bm5-/7      Em5-/7             A7 
It begins to tell 'round midnight, 'round midnight 
Dm7          G7      Bbm7 Gdim Am7    D7 
I do pretty well 'til    after    sundown  
Gm7              C7      Dm   Dm7+  
Supper time, I'm feelin' sad 
       Fdim        G7         Bb7    A7 
But it really gets bad 'round midnight 
Dm              Bm5-/7       Em5-/7               A7 
Mem'ries always start 'round midnight, 'round midnight 
Dm               G7      Bbm7  Gdim  Am7     D7 
Haven't got the heart to stand those mem'ries 
Gm7              C7         Dm   Dm7+  
When my heart is still with you 
       Fdim       G7   A7 Dm    Dm7+    
And old midnight knows it too 
           Bm5-/7        E7/9-       A7 
When some quarrel we've had needs mending 
          Bm5-/7         E7/9-    A7 
Does that mean that our love is ending 
Gm7         C7       Bb7       A7 
Darling, I need you; lately I find 
       D7         C7          Bb7        A7 
You're out of my arms and I'm out of my mind 
Dm               Bm5-/7     Em5-/7              A7 
Let our love take wing some midnight, 'round midnight 
Dm              G7      Bbm7 Gdim Am7  D7 
Let the angels sing for your  returning 
Gm7              C7        Dm   Dm7+ Bbm9 
Let our love be safe and sound 
Fdim      G7      Bb7   A7    Dm  
When old midnight comes around 

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