Jack Jones

Careless Hands(Chords)

Jack Jones

Key: D
E7 D9   Fdim   A    E7 D9 A D9   Cdim  A      
 I  let  my  heart fall into careless hands 
E7    D9 E7    A    E7   D9  A   Fdim A 
Careless hands that broke my heart in two 
 E7 D9  Fdim  A     E7  D9       A D9   Cdim A      
You held my dreams like worthless grains of sand  
 E7  D9   E7     A    E7   D9     A    E7    A 
Careless hands don't care when dreams slip through. 
A  Cdim    A7 D9    E7   A   E7   D9   A  D9  Fdim A 
I brought you joy and, Dear, I loved you so, 
   C#m5-/7      B7     Cdim    B7      Bm5-/7   E7  D9  A  E7 
But all  that sunshine didn't make the roses grow. 
E7 D9  Fdim    A     F#m 
If you don't change  
 E7    D9 A     D9   A  B7  Cdim Dm6 
Someday you'll know the sorrow of  
 D9  Fdim  E7  Bm5-/7  E7  Bm5-/7 E7  Cdim A 
Careless hands that can't hold on   to love 

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