Jack Black

Sweet Science(Chords)

Jack Black

Key: D
D                               A 
Love's a science we cant conrtol 
G                               A  
When I'm with you I feel so Bold 
D                               A 
 were not together I feel so Cold 
G                                A     
 Hypothesis is, we will grow old 


A   G   A 

D                       A 
I love your Physics and Biology 
G                        A 
Me plus You makes great Chemistry 
D                          A 
Not as simple as Math or History 
G                                   A 
Understand I love you please trust me 

D                        A 
You and I in a peatry Dish 
G                         A 
With you forever, my only wish 
D                         A  
You alone represent my Bliss 
G                           A     
Instant combustion with just one kiss 
From you 

A   G   A 


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