Israel Houghton

I Lift Up My Hands(Chords)

Israel Houghton

Key: F

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Intro: F  Bb/F  F  C/F  Bb/F 

F        C/F 
Father I love You 
and my heart is filled 
   Bb2(ma7)/C     C74  C/E 
with desire to see 
      F        C/F 
Your power and glory, 
cover the earth as the 
Bb2(ma7)/C        C7  Dm11 
waters clothe the sea. 
I am surrounded by 
the fortress of God, 
Ebmaj9                     C74  Db7sus  C# 
totally surrendered to You. 

verse 2:
F#       C#/F# 
Padre te amo 
en mi corazon 
    Cb2(ma7)/C     Db7sus  C#/F 
Hay de sesos de ver 
   F#         C#/F# 
Tu fuerza, Tu gloria 
Que cubre la tierra 
  Cb2(ma7)/C    C#7  Ebm11 
Como ola del mar 
Soy rodeada 
de la gracia de Dios 
  Fbmaj9                   Abm9/C# 
y totalmente entregada a Ti 

F# I lift up my hands Ebm7 C# standing unashamed. Abm7/C# F# C#/F I worship You Father, Ebm7 C# exalting Your name. D7 Ebm7 You've captured my heart Gbadd2/Bb Ab7/C now my life has changed, Cbmaj9 Gbadd2/Bb Abm9 I lift up my hands (2x)
Other: Abm9/C# I lift up my Gbadd2 hands (3x)
G I lift up my hands Em7 D standing unashamed Am7/D D/F# I worship You Father Em7 D exalting Your name D#7 Em7 You've captured my heart Gadd2/B now my life is changed
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