Innocence Mission

Africa 178 Sacred Harp(Chords)

Innocence Mission

Key: A
    A         E      A    E 
Now shall my inward joys arise, 
    A     D       E 
And burst into a song; 
  A       D     Bm        E 
Almighty love inspires my heart, 
     Bm       D    E  A 
And pleasure tunes my tongue. 

     A       E       A     E 
God, on His thirsty Zion's hill, 
     A      D        E 
Some mercy drops has thrown; 
    A      D          Bm        E 
And solemn oaths have bound His love 
   Bm      D    E   A 
To show'r salvation down. 

    A     E    A           E 
Why do we then indulge our fears, 
   A       D   E 
Suspicions and complaints' 
   A    D        Bm        E 
Is He a God, and shall His grace 
     Bm    D  E    A 
Grow weary of His saints' 

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