Igor Di Cavalcanti

Sleeping Beauty(Chords)

Igor Di Cavalcanti

Key: D
Intro: Bm  Em  Bm  A 

D                            G7        A7  
 Sleeping beauty, won't you wake up to me?  
D                 G7          A7  
 A frog in love, what am I to be?  
Bm                      Em  
Long time ago, was this how you used to dream?  
Bm               A    
You can count on me  
D                        G7           A7  
Darlin' babe, won't you show me your talk?  
D                   G7       A7  
I kinda liked you from the start   

Bm                             Em  
I thought that you and I could be more than friends,  
Bm                       A    
Let me hold your little hand 
D          D7  
I know, I know    
              G          Gm  
You'll be my baby, baby-girl       
   D       Bm  
I know, I know  
Got to make it happen,  
A7(13-)               D   D7    
Yes, you'll be my girl                       
              G7                     D7  
And it don't matter what your father say               
      G7                             D7  
Your mother, or your uncle, or your aunt             
     G7                        D7  
'Cos nothing is stronger than fate                  
           E            Bb        A      D  
So I will take you home and make love to you  
Solo Bm  Em  Bm  Em  
       Bm  Em  A  A# 

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