Igor Di Cavalcanti

Make You Believe(Chords)

Igor Di Cavalcanti

Key: Em
Intro: Em  D  C  B7 
        Em  D  C  B7 

Em         D 
  Saturday, sorrow and pain 
C                     B7 
  Feel alone and sad again in my life 
Em                D               
  No words to say, it is a shame 
C                           B7 
  How we broke each other's hearts 
                Em   D  C  B7                
  Our love, so vain 

G                       Bm 
And if I ever have the chance to feel 
Em                    C 
You in my arms for a moment I will 
Make you believe 
           D/F#                Em  
Yes I will make you believe in us 
 A         C        D   D7 
Love is a thing to last 

Em                  D  
  I am waiting here, no matter how long 
C                       B7 
  While I cry I sing my song 
Em                   D               
  Forgive me at last, come to my nest 
C                            B7                Em   D  C  B7  
  Kiss me sweet and let's forget the past, my love 

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