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Key: F#

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Intro: Ebm  F# 

Verso: Ebm 

Don't know how i got here but i refuse to stay 
I betrayed myself when i let others have their way 
But i am holding on, my finger on the pulse 
The sound of my heart pounding tells me there's still hope 

B                  C#                      Ebm 
But people don't like when you put up a fight 
B                           C# 
And slowly, ever so slowly, i am loosing mine 

Ebm C# Ebm C# I'll fight, fight, B C# Ebm C# fight or be taken out alive Ebm Fight! B C# Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide B C# Standing on the edge, am i better off dead? Ebm C# How could i forget that i'm better than this B I've come too far to fade tonight B C# Ebm C# Ebm Fight, or be taken out alive
(Verso) Pré-Refrão: Ebm C# I've survived on life support but i'm stronger than i give myself credit for B C# These conditions only cure when we prepare ourselves for war (Refrão)

Written by Andre Benjamin, Kevin Kendrick

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