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Key: G
Capo on 4th fret
G                Am                  G              Am  
Standing on the front porch and I'm waiting on the sun  
G            Am             G           Am  
It's been a long night and finally I'm done  
G               Am               G            Am  
How scary time crawls when it's spent with no one  
G                 Am           G           Am  
Why do I have to be here with you to have fun?  
    F       G    F        G  
To have fun, to have fun  
(repeat chords as in verse #1) 
The fixture on the wall has not worked for a year  
I'm glad there's no light to show my fear  
The girl I met last night yeah she seemed so sincere 
When she nibbled and she wished her name in my ear  
F G Is it real on and on and over again)? F G F Is it real it's so good to see you again my friend? G F G I believe I believe, I believe...that it's real.
Brendon Anthony's fiddle solo: play chords of chorus then chords of intro (reapeat verse chords) Won't you tell why you came, won't you tell me how you feel And do you think the same, is it wrong or is it real REPEAT CHORUS repeat ntro
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