Me & Smitty(Chords)


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Key: B
Capo on 4th fret
It was me and Smitty in some beat up jeans  
We were crazy-ass kids like no one'd ever seen 
        Em                            C 
Riding rusted-out bikes to the Stop-n-Go 
For a can of snuff and some dirty magazines 
We grew up fast in a one light town 
Where it seems like the world was just a few miles round 
We were buying beer at 17  
On four bald tires and a fake ID  

C Em D G And I said Hey there brother do you know how the story goes C Em D C How'd we get so far so fast man it seems like no one knows C Em D G Hey there brother heaven knows how long it's been G Em D C Still nothin's changed 'round this old town You were always my best friend
Well I remember one night they threw Smitty in jail Used my dad's credit card to pay his bail Yea, Dad was cool and never said a thing Smitty gave him 60 bucks and a pint of Jim Beam Well, the very next night we were ridin' round Drivin' like hell through that one light town Yeah, that Jim Beam sure didn't last us long But with these things the way they were we couldn't go wrong Chorus
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