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Key: G
Intro: G Cadd9 Em D 

G               Cadd9          Em                  D 
Staring to a setting sun just trying to remember some 
G                Cadd9         Em               D 
Secret place I used to run to get away from everyone 
G                        Cadd9 
These feelings come and go sometimes 
           Em         D 
But its nothing like I had in mind 
G                Cadd9                Em       D 
Standing on a shaky line I'm like a blind man leading the blind 

Cadd9 G D Em D So if I fall on the ground (on the ground) I'll take a good look around Cadd9 G D Em D And disappear without a sound like a moon up in the sky
Instrumental Cadd9 G D Em D Put myself back in time wipe the dust from my eyes Cadd9 G And hold a photograph up to the light D Cadd9 Like a lost soul waving goodbye Instrumental G Cadd9 Em D G Cadd9 Em D Someone told me long ago moving fast means walking slow G Cadd9 Like drivin' down an old dirt road Em D with time to kill and nowhere to go G Cadd9 Em D Round and round and round we go this carousel it never slows G Cadd9 Em D Where it ends baby I don't know up a head's a bend in the road
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