For So Long(Chords)


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Key: C#m
Intro: Dm - G(4X) 
Dm                                 F 
Running round in circles, I've been chasing my tail 
          C                            G 
Through a web of misconceptions and as far as I can tell 
Dm                                F
There'll be no easy answers and be no open doors 
      C                                    G 
I can see the road in front of me can't see nothing anymore  

A# F C And if you feel the echo of my heartbeat down the hall A# F C I'll be there in the darkness and I'll catch you when you fall for so long A# F C I waited for this now now it all seems so wrong for so long
Repeat Intro You'll be lookin' for excuses I'll be lookin' for the door Both lookin' for the other but I don't feel that way anymore So we'll angle for an option stepping on each others toes Put an end to this insanity just the way things gotta go Repeat Chorus Now there's nothing left between us Now that all's been said and done There ain't no room for excuses and it's clear nobody's won Only silence grips the darkness and chill runs through my bones And the bitter words we said don't make this house feel like home Repeat Chorus
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