Baby Baby(Chords)


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Key: G
Capo on 6th fret
 for album version, all chords relative 
Intro: G  D  Em  C (4x) 
Verse 1: 
G       D             Em       C 
Hey Baby baby, let's drive all night 
            G          D            Em       C 
We'll get a cooler of beer, make us feel all right 
G      D                  Em       C 
The top down and you're holding me tight 
      G           D         Em       C 
Let's drive like hell on a Saturday night 
Bridge 1: 
D                           C            G 
The radio station's playing our favorite song 
D                                     C            G 
Hold on to this moment, you know that soon I'll be gone 
Verse 2: 
G      D          Em    C                              
Hey Baby baby, I know a place where  
G         D          Em    C    
No one'll see us, I swear 
G     D      Em        C    
We can dance all night long 
        G     D                Em    C    
Let the wind blow through your hair 
Verse 3: 
G   D      Em       C    
Go down to old rope swing and  
G       D          Em    C    
Take off all our clothes 
G      D                Em        C    
And dance around in the heat of the night,  
         G  D        Em  C 
Make it up    as we go 
Bridge 2: 
D                        C              G 
I bet your Daddy doesn't know where you are 
D                                            C... 
You'll probably get away with this, but I'll sure enough bare the scars 
Solo (play a verse) 
Repeat Verse 1 
Repeat Bridges 1 & 2 
Outro: G  D  Em  C (4x) 
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