Annie In The Moonlight(Chords)


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Key: D
Tune down 1/2 step 
Intro:  (pick chords) - D A Bm A G  2x 
D                        A 
Annie is waiting in the window 
Bm   A                    G 
and pulls her long blond hair back from her eyes 
D                    A       Bm 
she's waiting for tomorrow   
A                  G 
hoping to catch a glimpse of bluer skies 
but I...  
                 Bm     A       G         A 
cannot wait for you to come my way now baby 
(repeat chords of verse) 
Annie's dancing in the moonlight 
with the rays reflecting off her skin 
she's crying on the steps of her apartment 
refusing to come back in 
but I...  
cannot wait for you to come my way now baby  
A            D 
and hey there's 
A             G           D 
Annie in the moonlight 
A                 G                        D 
Sparkling as she moves across the floor 
     A                  G 
I'm hoping that she'll look my way  
before she heads out 
before she heads out 
towards the door 
LEAD:  repeat chords of the chorus 
(same chords as chorus) 
won't you look at me and smile 
won't you sit with me for a while 
won't you tell me that you're never going to leave 
won't you get into my car 
and you can drive away 
drive away with me 
so very, very far 
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