Holly Starr

Grace For All(Chords)

Holly Starr

Key: B

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Capo on 4th fret


G        G     

verse 1 

I have no secrets from my God   
C               Am 
No weakness I could hide 
There is no path my feet could trod   
C             Am 
My father could not find 
C                               Em 
He knows the doubts that flood my soul 
C                       Am          Dsus 
Hears my questions great and small 
Takes my burdens every one   
C        Dsus           G       G 
He has grace for all 

verse 2 

I will remember the heavy cross 
C               Am 
where Jesus bled and died  
When no one else could pay the cost 
C                     Am 
through death he bought me life 
C                            Em 
He knew the greatness of my fall 
C                       Am     Dsus 
still he broke down every wall 
All my sins are washed away 
C           Dsus           G    G 
He has grace for all  

C G His grace is all I need C G His power when Im weak Dsus Em Dsus C and His love that carries me Am C Dsus G will always be enough
verse 3 G Bring all your troubles and lay them down C Am Jesus will care for you G Though the darkness may surround C Am His love will see you through C Em He knows the pain of a weary heart C Am D He will hear you when you call G He will meet you where you are C Dsus G He has grace for all Chorus

Written by David Moffitt/Holly Starr

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