Highspeed Hayride

Diamond Ring(Chords)

Highspeed Hayride

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Key: G
intro: G C D D  x2 
G                 C             D              G   
Well, I was doing allright just minding my own affairs 
G          C                 D                          G 
Gettin on with my life cause you told me you just don't care 
G             C                    D               G     
Then you come waltzin' in with the key to my heart again 
G               C          D                G/F# 
and just like a fool I go ahead and let you in 
Em           C             D                        G/F#  
I don't know why you gotta do the little things you do, 
Em           C             D                G/F#   
I don't know why you gotta tear my world in two, 
Em           C               D              G/F# 
I guess that mocking bird he didn't want to sing, 
Em          C               D                     G 
cause daddy went out and he bought you, a diamond ring 
G              C                 D          G  
I can see your in the middle of another big fight, 
G             C                   D             G       
otherwise you wouldn't want me to take you home tonight, 
G         C             D                  G       
it always seems to come right back down to this, 
G              C                     D                  G/F#          
well this time I think I'll tell you just where you can kiss. 
Repeat Chorus 
G       C                      D          G   
I can't deny that you were the love of my life 
G             C                     D               G       
but I wish to hell that you weren't some one else's wife, 
G            C             D                   G 
but now your lovin girl is long since dead and gone 
G         C                    D              G/F# 
I hope it breaks your heart to listen to this song 
Repeat chorus  
keep playing intro 
a diamond ring 
a diamond ring yeah yeah yeah 
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