Herman Hupfeld

As time goes by(Chords)

Herman Hupfeld

Key: C

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	        Original Key:  C#  
Intro:  Cmaj7     F     Em7      A7/aug                                                  

       Dm7                   G7         Dm7            G7  
You must remember this:  A kiss is just a kiss,  
Cmaj7            G7/aug     Cmaj7             C#dim  
A sigh is just a sigh.                                    The  
D9                            Dm7         G7/aug  
fundamental things apply,  as time goes  
Cmaj7     F      Em7     A7/aug  
Dm7                             G7             Dm7                 G7  
And when two lovers woo, they still say, 'I love you.'  
Cmaj7            Gaug    Cmaj7       Cmaj7  
On that you can rely  
        D9                                  Dm7                
No matter what the future brings  
           G7/aug            Cmaj7    Fm7   C9    C9  
As time goes by.  
Fmaj7                                   A7  
Moonlight and love songs,  never out of date,  
Dm		                 F#dim  
Hearts full of passion,  jealousy and hate.  
Am	               F7              F#dim	                        D7						  
Woman needs man      and man must have his mate,  
    G7            Gdim        Am7 G#m7  G7       C#dim         
That no one             can deny                              it's  
Dm7                 G7             Dm7                 G7  
still the same old story,   a fight for love and glory,  
Cmaj7               G7/aug    Cmaj7     Cmaj7  
A case of do or die.  
 #1.  D9                       Ebdim     Em7   Aaug7        Dm7  G7/aug   Cmaj7     Cmaj7   
The world will always welcome lovers                 as time    goes       by.                
#2.              D9                          Ebdim        Em7     Aaug7        Em7  G7/aug      Cmaj7          
Oh yes, the world will always welcome lovers     (rest)       As time            goes    by.

Written by Herman Hupfeld

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