Harry Connick Jr

Come By Me(Chords)

Harry Connick Jr

Key: F

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	        verse 1 
Come by me, Come talk to me baby 
        C             F 
Tell me how we can combine 

Will you be my sunshine forever 
         C              F 
Will you be a friend of mine 

Bb             F 
Try me out and if you get excited 
Bb                F 
Take me home, I'd love to be invited 
Bb                    F 
Once we're there, I'm sure you'll be delighted 
G               C 
We can rock all night 

verse 2 
Wait and see, we might fit together 
           C           F 
That would be my lucky day 
Come by me, come love with me baby 
      C             F 
Maybe we could run away

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