Surely As The Sun(Chords)


Key: A

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	        A             E
As surely as the sun rises each day
      D         E
So my love will never change
    A                    E 
And though the years may   come and go
   D              E
My love will only grow and grow
F                  G                 A
Sometimes I wonder   what you see in me
           F          G                            A
'Cause I'm only a man   flawed in so many ways you see
A                     E             D        E
I want to share every moment of the day with you
A                   E        
And I want to share every sunset and every sunrise
D         E
And every moonlit night
-It just continues on like that, it's the progression for the whole song.
Interlude - Am  Em  Dm  E

Written by Isaac Hanson/Taylor Hanson/Zachary Hanson

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