Key: G

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	        Intro: G   C   G   C   G   C   G   C  (2x)
G                          C
Lately we've been talking 'bout who we are
D        D2            G     C
Seems we don't know anymore
G                                 C
And all this time that we've been thinking 
                   D                 D2   Dsus4   D
At night I've been dreamin' about you

      C                F               C     F
And I know you don't believe me when I say
     C               F      C          F
I'll love you to the end forever and I day 

  G             C   G     C
I guess we'll never know 
G          C       G                  C
Exactly where this river's gonna flow
      G            C         G      C
And I guess we'll never understand
G               C   G        C
Until we reach that promise land                (begin solo)
     D           Dsus4  D   Dsus4   D     Dsus4   D
So I guess we'll                  I guess we'll     never know

G                          C
People say that we're sweethearts 
                                         D           D2    Dsus4   D
They say that nothing in the world could tear us apart
G            C          G      
Well I don't know about you
         C                            D               D2   Dsus4   D
But this thing we're going through is tearin' me in two

Repeat Prechorus
Repeat Chorus
(Organ Solo)  - keep going with  G C G C
Chorus A capella
begin strumming from 'I guess we'll'
Repeat Chorus (full)
End on G C G C G C G


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