One More Time(Chords)


Key: F

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	        (I. Hanson / T. Hanson / Z. Hanson ) 
	  F		  C 
One more time, one more place 
           Dm				  F 
One more chance for me to look upon your face 
One more dream, one last embrace 
	    Dm			F 
Don't just leave me without a trace 
      C 	     G/B 
This morning we were moon and sun 
       Bb	       F/A 
There was no doubt you were the one 
   Fm/Ab	 C/G		F/G 
How did it turn around so suddenly 
 C 	       G/B 
We were happy, we were sad 
     Bb	    	         F/A 
Did we have less than I thought we had 
Fm/Ab	  	 	  C/G		      F G 
What happened to make you say you're leaving me 
You were the very air I breathe 
I'm dying now, I can't believe 
I'm never gonna hold you close again 
Let me be with you once more 
Then I'll let you walk out the door 
And accept that this could really be the end 
Dm		        G 
Don't tell me it never mattered 
 Am	          A/G		   D7 
Give me one last chance, one more night 
Contribuição: Sidney Ferreira([email protected])

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