Love Song(Chords)


Key: F9

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	        Intro:  F9  Fm7  F9  Fm7  Am   G (2x)

      F9         Fm7       F9         Fm7
The wind   it   blows    through the trees
Am               G
Claiming those innocent leaves
        F9        Fm7         F9    Fm7
And the thunder  rolls  these  crashing seas
       Am                     G             
Like a tender kiss holds this heart in me

        C         G
In this life long love song
        Am                  F
You can love right, you can love wrong
        C                 G
In this love song you can love long
           Am                         Fm7
But if you love wrong it doesn't mean love's gone
Repeat intro riff
Mary was a young girl with a young girl's heart
All I can remember is I loved her from the start
I was hers forever she was mine too
But something's wrong cause now she's gone tell me what did I do
Repeat Chorus
   Am                  G            C                    F
It doesn't mean love's wrong just because you're feeling low
       Am                  G                            C           F
And it doesn't mean love's gone cause you feel like you want to let go
     Am                   G                 C            F
Well no one wrote in this book of love that you'd always know
  Fm7                       C         G
I wish someone would have told me before

We talked about love a million times it seems
The words come out our lips like we forgot what it means
Ane we said we'd be together 'til death do us part
But we said those words with only half our heart
Repeat Chorus to end


Written by Brian Warner, Jeordie White, John Lowery

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