Lost without each other(Chords)


Key: E

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{Intro:} E A B 
E			       A 
I ran into your best friend today 
        B		      E 
Twelve nights since you ran away 
				       A	  B 
I asked about you and she said, can't say, can't say 
E			       	     A 
I'm feeling lonely and it seems to stay 
	      B			     E 
It's been a while since I felt that way 
					  A        B 
Well, I can tell you there's no room to play this game 
C#m		   A    B 
All I know is what I'm missing 
C#m       		  A 
What I'm missing is your kissing 
Are you listening 
Don't go, don't go telling me you're alright 
There's no room for getting uptight 
Don't go saying that you're OK 
When you're lonely 
Baby, don't go telling me we're over 
When you know you're my one and only lover 
And I won't go saying that we're OK when we're 
Lost without each other 
'Cause we're lost without each other 
'Cause we're lost without each other 
I didn't mean to start the last big fight 
You never should have hung up that night 
All I want to do is make things right 
Make it right 
Listen, with all the choices that we chose to make 
And all the promises we chose to break 
We were busy making big mistakes, yesterday 
I can tell you one thing 
	   A		B 
We're not better on our own 
C#m			      A 
I'm tired of running from my feelings 
Are you listening 
Contribuição: Sidney Ferreira([email protected]) 


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