I Almost Care(Chords)


Key: E

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{Intro:} E A9 
E				A9 
Even though I hurt you all the time 
	      E		   B 
You're on my mind, I wont deny 
E			    A9 
Everything I did I take it back 
	      E			    B 
I'll make it right, at least I'll try 
C#m	   E/G#                   B 
Now there's only one thing on my mind 
     F#m 	    A 
It's taken me some time girl 
    C#m	         E/G#           B 
I'm ready now to lay it on the line 
  F#m 	             A 
I hope you want to try still, you know I will 
 E         B               A 
Don't give up when you're so close 
C#m        B              A 
Don't give up when you're almost there 
 E         B               A 
Don't give up when you're so close 
	    E A9	 E  A9 
I almost care, I almost care 
I admit I don't know why you'd stay 
I've tried so hard to push you away 
I'm saying all the words you used to say 
It's turned around, you've turned away 
Solo: C#m F# B C#m F# B C#m F# B A B E A9 E A9 
Contribuição: Sidney Ferreira([email protected]) 


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