Everybody Knows The Claus(Chords)


Key: A

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	        Intro:  A D A G C  D G D G C
A         D         A              G  C
Don't you smell the cookies he's bakin'
D         G        D              G  C
Can't you see that belly, it's shakin'
A         D            A              G  C
Don't take that cookie off of that pan
D         G       D                 G  C
You don't want to mess with this man
G            D                 A         D A G  C
You've never seen this side of him before
G           D                 G           A
You know he won't be knockin' at your door
A          D     A     G  C
Here comes Santa Claus
D                           G
Doin' all those good things everybody know the claus
A          D     A     G  C
Here comes Santa Claus
G                       D
You know he's a big man don't mess with the boss
Repeat Intro
Ask Rudolph and he won't steer you wrong
Santa wasn't fat all along
Until he started cookin' one day
Now don't take that turkey away
Repeat Prechorus
Repeat Chorus
G               D              A
Riding down the air highway in his sleigh
D                G                A
Bringing all the presents for the next day
G                A
Don't forget the Donuts
Repeat Intro 2x
His cookies and his milk are his pride
Or anything that can be deep-fried
Don't get me wrong now he's a nice guy
But you don't want to get on his bad side
Repeat Prechorus
Repeat Chorus and fade

Written by Isaac Hanson/Taylor Hanson/Zac Hanson/Zachary Hanson

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