Don't Even Love Her(Chords)


Key: D

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	        (I. Hanson / T. Hanson / Z. Hanson ) 
{Intro:} D A Em G 
      D           A       Em 
I've told you a thousand times 
  G        D          A           Em G 
She is the end of the end of the line 
 D                A      Em G 
You will know her every sign 
           		    D     A      Em G D A 
Cos you're blinded by the sparkle in her eye 
		       Em G 
You don't even love her 
			D A 
You need to find another 
How could you love her 
	     Em  G	 D A 
When you're not set free? 
		       Em G 
You don't even love her 
	    		   D A 
But you keep it under cover 
You don't even love her 
         Em   G 
But you make believe 
Don't give me one more lie 
You've been telling yourself to just survive 
She loves you; you want her to need you 
Every promise you see through just open up your eyes 
D						A 
You got to quit make believing try betting on me 
	   Em        G  D 
It's just make believing 
     A	               Em 
You gotta quit your deceiving 
     G			 D A  	       Em     G 
You gotta set yourself free it's just make believe 
Contribuição: Sidney Ferreira([email protected]) 


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