Christmas Time(Chords)


Key: C

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	        Intro:  C  G  C  Em

C                          Am                
Everything's different but nothing has changed
          Dm       G            C               G
Now we're going in circles it's Christmas again
C                                            Am
Can't you hear the sleigh bells ring all our voices unite
    Dm                    G                      C       G
And look up to the heavens see the stars shining bright

C                                                      C  Em
Everybody needs a little lovin' around Christmas time
Somehow you got to know you're going to be alright
Dm                         G      Em                Am
Do you remember how it used to be sitting under the Christmas Tree
Dm                   G
In your heart you'll find the season
Repeat Intro:  C  G  C  Em
We've been blessed by the children black, yellow and white
They believe in the things we try to deny
So throw down your weapons but continue the fight
And let's love one another on this holy night
Repeat Chorus
F                            E
Oh, you've got to reach down inside your heart
    Am          Em
And see all the love
   Dm                   G
Oh in your heart you'll find the reason
Repeat Chorus and fade

Written by Hanson

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