Can't Stop(Chords)


Key: Cm

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Cm                   Bb          G  (4x)
Can't stop thinking about you

Cm                        Bb 
   Morning, day or night     I tremble at your side
Ab                               G
   It's impossible to fight I've tried
Cm                       Bb
   Now you're in my head       and your mind I've read
Ab                                     G
   Could recite the words you said now I

Cm                   Bb           G
Can't stop thinking about you   I can't get you off my mind
     Cm                   Bb            G
No I can't stop thinking about you  I'm thinking about you all the time
(Repeat 2 times)

Cupid's dart seeped through and all along you knew
I just want you to be mine
There's nothing I can do I'm all wrapped within you
Even if I wanted to I'm out of time
Repeat Chorus
Cm        Bb     Ab        G
I want to know   why is it so
             Cm       Bb       Ab   G
I can't stop thinking      oh  I
(Repeat 2x)

Interlude:  Cm   Bb (4x)
Cm          Bb          Ab          G
Can't stop  can't stop  can't stop  can't stop
(repeat 2x)

Take me to a place where I can always see your face
I really lost my way this time
Tell me what it means, I'm bursting at the seams
You're in my thoughts my dreams yeah I

Repeat Chorus, Bridge, to end


Written by Isaac Hanson, Taylor Hanson, Zac Hanson, Zachary Walker Hanson

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