Call me(Chords)


Key: G9

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	        ( I. Hanson / T. Hanson / Z. Hanson ) 
	(G9 G4/D G9) 
Good morning, I'm alone 
My drawer's on the shelf 
Because my broken heart  
Can't mend more of itself 
Today your hope is gone 
He took it when he left 
Cos his promise to hold on 
Never could be kept 
		   Em  D    C9   G9 
Just pick up the phone and call me 
		         Em   D    C9   G9 
When you find yourself alone just call me 
I love the way I find 
Your eyes to be so kind 
And it's funny how they seem 
To stare straight through me 
So if you wake up today 
Forgetting what you have 
And find that you feel lost 
I'll be your ticket back 
Contribuição: Sidney Ferreira([email protected])

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