Key: C

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	        Intro : C F (x4) 

C          G 
So much for just you and me 
   Am               G 
We gave that life up more than once 
C                      G             Am        F 
The simple things that used to be, so easy just the two of us 
Am           G 
Change can be bittersweet 
Am                     G               C      F  C  F 
The sweeter things, I'd never see without you 

C            G             Am                 G 
June bugs and pickup trucks is the life I lead these days 
C                    G 
And sometimes it gets to be too much 
Am     F 
I would never change it 
Am               G                Am               F 
And in everything I see your face, the beauty of a mother's grace 
  C       F   C  F 
I love you 

C    F  (x4) 
(Ta tada tadada....) 

Am     G C 
Everyday people just fall apart 
Am                 F Am                        G 
For no other reason, than one stops trying and one stops loving anymore 
C             G      C 
Who will fight for us when the seams start coming out 
C     Am 
I will 
          C       F  C  F 
'Cause I love you 

C                 G                    Am           G 
Looking forward to growing old and watching you turn grey 
C                      G 
And if you don't mind I would like to go first 
Am                            F 
Because without you I wouldn't live a day 
Am           G               Am                  F 
In everything you've given me a life I could have never dreamed 
C         F  C  F  C  F 
I love you 

C         F  C  F 
I love you 
C              F  C  F 
I love you more 
C         F  C  F  C  F  C  F 
I love you

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