Gs Megaphone


Gs Megaphone

Key: C
Intro: C   Em 

C                Em 
I wish i could fly 
C                Em 
Leave this crazy world behind 
C                Em 
I'd fly far from the things 
That make me stumble all of the time 
C                       Em           C              Em 
These wings to my soul are clipped every time they grow 
      C                         Em 
With just one touch from you, god 
And i could soar on the wind i know 

F G C And i could spread these things and fly G Am The world can't hold me down F G C These wings are freedom for my soul G Am No longer am i bound F G And i could spread these wings C G Am And show the world the freedom i've found F G and if i can fly, than you can fly too. C Em
C Em C Em The gravity of the world just keeps pulling me down Until i can gravitate to christ I won't be leaving the ground C Em With the father, my navigator C Em And the spirit, my wind C Em And with jesus, my wings Am I can spread him out and i begin to ascend

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