Weak Heart(Chords)


Key: C#
rendition of 'weak heart' by Groundation 

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CHORDS USED :( C#,  Fm, G#, A#m ) 


C#          Fm          G#            A#m 
See the writing pon the wall 
To those who think they're fit come judge us all 
But they don't know 
How my people cry Oh dear sufferah  
And all and all of dem claim that it is the end yes 
But they will never know 
For in their heart is only gold 
C#          Fm          G#            A#m 
And what they know ... 
Is what dem saying is the right 
While all along ... 
They shield themselves off from the light 
But hand in hand ... 
We await the rising sun 
We free people will unite 
And come to chant them down! 
C#          Fm          G#            A#m 
It takes a weak heart to judge one another 
It takes a weak heart to judge those who suffer (2X) 
Wanting! Crying! Wanting! Crying! 
C#          Fm          G#            A#m 
Dream comes to me in shadows 
Of a weak heart beating shallow 
But you think you're better than the best 
Now you think you're tougher than the rest 
Well I'm here to tell you man you are only a Human 
Not fit to judge who lives and who dies 
Less you be judged by the Most High 
C#          Fm          G#            A#m 
No Weak Heart ... Shall enter!  
No Weak Heart ... Shall enter! (2X) 

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