Nyabinghi Order(Chords)


Key: Bm
'Nyabinghi Order' BY GROUNDATION 

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Bm                        Bbm 
Well your standing firm upon the distant shore 
Chanting a psalm forever more 
With your earthquake, lightning, and thunder 
To rock the ground beneath my feet 
You have given us so much yea, 
And still you give more 
You're not here to sooth the physical oh no, 
You're here to sooth the soul 
Bm                        Bbm 
Yea They may bring you milk and honey 
A little breadfruit for you too, 
They'll never leave you on your own... 
Yes your own redemption, 
Your own confrontation yes, 
For your generation 
Am            F#m             D            E 
Well now how can you be such a proud man 
You have no land nor piece of gold 
Just like the Mighty Lion, I build my home in Zion 
There are many waves to drive the ocean, 
Drive you off in confusion 
White squall a bite, white squall a bite, 
Still I sail into the east 
Bm                        Bbm 
No weak heart shall enter into the House, 
Of the Nyabinghi order 
No weak heart shall enter no way, 
Into the Nyabinghi order 
For you steal the word, 
Steal the lightning from my hand 
And your rolling thunder, 
Steal the blood from my heart 
Am            F#m             D            E 
You have thrown so many rocks upon my trail, 
The time getting tough 
Well I will run if I have to yea, 
But I will never outrun the sun 
But my heart beats on, my heart beats on, 
I travel on, I travel on oh yea 
What dem say ? If ya chant it to the world, 
Chant it to the moon 
Ya chanting your psalm atop of the moon 

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