If I(Chords)


Key: Fm

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Fm                          Cm                       A#m 
Hello dear people what are you waiting for yea ? Move 
Yourself now and get out of door 
So you say this is a price for peace 
Weeping and wailing oh God, and mashing of teeth if I 
were to fly, High, upon a wing of a dove now yea will 
You come join me and sail away the day ? 
We would see Jah fallen of the wicked man 
Leaving only righteousness to stand 
Rock solid pon the land 
A#m                  G# 
And If I were to leave tomorow 
Would that make you stronger for today ? 
If I were to bend down on my knees and pray 
Would that make you say, 
'He's no longer a gifted soul 
No he's no longer a warrior, 
He doesn't care about the flock, no 
He doesn't even care who gets burned' 
Well I'm a gonna tell you something ... 
Fm                          Cm                       A#m 
Only goal, Lock I in poverty 
Or to keep us down I know inna general penitentiary 
Education is no where to be found 
So when they jump in the water They will surely drown 
A#m                  G# 
If I yea, If I could I would 
If I had, If I could You know I would fly away 

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