Green Day

Words I Might Have Ate(Chords)

Green Day

Key: A

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	        INTRODUÇÃO: A5 G


A            G                        A
Now it seems I can't keep my mind off you
A                      G                   
My mind drifts back to better days we've been 
A                   G                  E 
Like sitting on the tops of the school grounds
A                  G               A
The love I bitched about I finally found

D5 A5 G F# F 
But now it's gone and I take the blame
D5 E5 A5 A G
So there's nothing I can do but take the pain ... why?

A             G                   A
Now I dwell on what you remind me of
A                      G              E
A sweet young girl who sacrificed her love
A              G               E
As for me I am blind without a cause
A             G                A
And now I realized what I have lost

D5 A5 G F# F 
It was something real that I could've had
D5 E5 A5 A G
Now I play the fool who's stable's all gone bad ... why? 

E           A                  G
Tell me the words I might have said
E                     A              G
It's pumping pressure deep inside my head
E          A                G 
Was it bad enough to be too late
E                A                  G
Just tell me the words I might have ate
A                      G
The words I might have ate ... - 3x


Written by Billie Joe Armstrong/Green Day

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