Green Day

Stuck With Me(Chords)

Green Day

Key: E

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	        Intro:		E C# B A

Verse:		E B A B A B
E                                    B
I'm not part of your elite, I'm just alright
A                B
Class structure, Having colors
A                B
Bleeding from my throat
E                                   B
I'm not subservent to you, I'm just alright
A                   B
Downclassed, by the powers that be
A               B
Give me loss of hope.

C# A E Cast out, buried in a hole. C# A E Struck down, forcing me to fall. C# A E Destroyed, giving up the fight. A B E And l know i'm not alright.
Verse#2: E B What's my price and will you pay, it if it's alright? A B Take it from my dignity and A B waste it till it's dead. E B Throw me back into the gutter, 'cause it's alright A B Find another pleasure fuck A B And drag 'em down to hell. Chorus Intro Solo: B Chorus _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Daniel([email protected])

Written by Billie Joe Armstrong/Tré Cool/Mike Dirnt

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