Green Day

Sex, Drugs & Violence(Chords)

Green Day

Key: E

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E5 A5  B5
E5 B5  A5


E5                                    B5           A5
All my life trouble follows me like a mystery girl
E5                                            B5           A5   B5
And I?ve been chasing round the memory like a mystery girl
E5                                           B5               A5
I?ve been getting lost searching my soul all around this town
E5                                         B5              A5   B5
I took a wrong turn in growing up and it?s freaking me out


A5                      B5
Back at school it never made much sense
A5                  B5
Now I pay but I can pay attention
A5             B5                      C#5
Teaches me the hardest lessons of my life
A5              B5                                 C#5
These turned to dark, yes, but that?s the way it goes
A5          B5
Sometimes I must regress these

E5 B5 A5 Sex, drugs & violence E5 B5 A5 B5 English, math & science, E5 B5 A5 Safety of numbers E5 B5 A5 B5 Give me, give me danger Pós-Refrão: C#5 A5 Well, I Don't wanna be an imbecil? E5 B5 But Jesus made me that way Verso: E5 B5 A5 All my life I?ve been running wild like a runaway E5 B5 A5 B5 Where did that magic mean like a subway Pré-Refrão Refrão Solo: E5 A5 e B5 E5 B5 e A5 (2x) Pré-Refrão Refrão (3x) Fim: E5
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