Green Day

One Of My Lies(Chords)

Green Day

Key: D

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	        Intro 2x:  D  A  G  F#  G  F# 

Verso 1: 

D          A 
When I was younger I thought 
         B                    F# 
That the world circled around me 
       G       D                 A 
But in time, I realized I was so wrong 
D           A 
My immortal thoughts turned into 
     B                F# 
Just dreams of a dead future 
G               D          A 
It was a tragic case of my reality 


G        A 
Do you think you're indestructable? 
G          A 
And no one can touch you? 
G              A 
Well, I think you're disposable 
G                A 
And it's time you knew the truth 

D B A Cause it's just one of my lies D B A Well it's just one of my lies D B A And all I wanna do is get real high D B A Cause it's just one of my lies
Verso 2: D A Why does my life have to be so small? B F# And death is forever? G D A And does forever have a life B F# To call its own? D A Don't give me answer, cause you only know B F# As much as I know G D A Unless you've been there once, well B F# I hardly think so (Pré-Refrão) (Refrão) ( F# G F# A ) F# G F# A I used to pray at night F# G F# A Before I laid myself down F# G F# A My mother said it was right F# G F# A (PARA) Her mother said it, too D B A Why? ( D B A ) (4x)

Written by Billie Joe Armstrong/Green Day

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