Green Day


Green Day

Key: E

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Intro: E 

E                A               E 
Olivia, Olivia, it's raining outside 
                 A               B 
The city is drenched, there's a moon out tonight 
E                           A          B 
There's a break in the clouds, just under the stars 
E                    A          B 
We wanna go on and watch from afar 

       A                    E 
We couldn't care when and stepped in the mud 
   A                      E 
It makes no sense but you misunderstood 
     A                          E                               B 
The city is in ruins, but there's a flower in the crack of the streets 

E                 A               E 
Olivia, Olivia, I'll give you my best 
                  A              B 
Safe in my arms, I'll lay you to rest 
E                           A         B 
You can borrow my coat, you wear the dress 
E               A   B           E 
Olivia, Olivia, come follow me home 

End on: E
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