Green Day

Life During Wartime(Chords)

Green Day

Key: A

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A C# B D E

          A            D
Yeah, we say making changes starts
With the little things you do
      A       D
Revolution begins at home
But for most of us it ends there to

A We?re doing something D We?re making changes A D Like changing the kind of crap we buy A D We say it makes a difference E But that?s just another lie
Interludio A C# B D E Verso A D It used to be and Us Them E And You and Me A D And now we can?t reach our full potential E Without a common enemy
A D A real war to fight against A D Instead of our petty disagreements A D But how can I rationalize E My life during wartime, lie
quebra de ritmo 1 D A G A Quebra de ritmo 2 D A G A A call to action and a reaction D A G A Taking our lives in our own hands D A G A Instead of sitting around and talking D E About the same old stupid bands Refrão A D But war is going on right now A D And I?m not doing anything about it A D Without a crowd I?m not so loud A D E I can?t do anything by my self A But that?s just another lie _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: ServeTheServants([email protected])
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