Green Day


Green Day

Key: C

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   C     CB     Am 
E----- E----- E----- 
B--1-- B--1-- B--1-- 
G--0-- G--0-- G--2-- 
D--2-- D--2-- D--2-- 
A--3-- A--2-- A--0-- 
E----- E----- E----- 
  C5     Em      B5 
E----- E----- E----- 
B----- A----- G----- 
G--5-- D----- B--4-- 
D--5-- G--2-- D--4-- 
A--3-- B--2-- A--2-- 
E----- E--0-- E----- 
The rest are all power chords
INTRO: C CB Am C CB Am C CB Am D G F C G F C G F C G F C VERSE: G To know you is to hate you D So loving you must be like suicide C C BAm C C BAm I don't mind if you don't mind C C BAm C C BAm D I'm not the one that's going to die G I guess I just can't listen D To this one sided conversation again C C BAm C C BAm 'Cause I don't care if I don't care C C BAm C C BAm D No one ever said that life is fair Chorus: Em Everybody loves a joke B But no one likes a fool C5 G F# And you're always cracking the same old lines again Em You're well rehearsed on every verse B And that was stated clear C5 D But no one understands your verity VERSE 2: G The center of attention D Got an honorable mention once again C C BAm C C BAm Congratulations and salutaions C C BAm C C BAm D You're a figment of your own imagination (Chorus) SOLOS:
Sax Solo 
Guitar Solo: 
G--7--7--7--7--7--5--5--4--5-- x3 
OUTRO: G To know you is to bait you D And you fell victim to your own denial C C BAm C C BAm I don't mind if you don't mind C C BAm C C BAm D If you're wasting all your time

Written by Billie Joe Armstrong/Green Day

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