Green Day

In The End(Chords)

Green Day

Key: A

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	        A             G      
Al I brawn and no brains
    A                G                           
And all those nice things                   
     A       G            A    G
You finally got what you want
 A          G
Someone to look good with
      A              G
And then light your cigarette
     A            G           A    
Is this what you really want?
D I figured out E What you're all about A F# And I don't think I like what I see, soooooo... D I hope I won't be there E A G A G In the end if you come around
A G How long will he last A G Before he's a creep in the past A G A G And you're alone once again? A G Will you pop up again and A G Be my special friend A G A 'Till the end? And when will that be? (CHORUS) INTERLUDE: A G - 2x A (CHORUS)

Written by Billie Joe Armstrong, Frank E., Iii Wright, Frank Edwin Wright Iii, Michael Pritchard, Mike Dirnt, Mike Ryan Pritchard, Tre Cool

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