Green Day

Emenius Sleepus(Chords)

Green Day

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Key: B

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	        INTRO: B Em - 3x | A F#

B  Em             B Em     B Em
 I saw my friend the other day
       A      F#              
And I don't know
B Em     B Em           B Em
Exactly just what he became
    A        F#
It goes to show

Em F# It wasn't that long ago Em F# I was just like you Em F# And now I think I'm sick and I wanna go home
INTERLUDE: B Em | B F# | B Em | A F# B Em B Em B Em How have I been, how have you been A F# It's been so long B Em B Em B Em What have you done with all your time A F# And what went wrong
Em F# I knew you back when Em F# And you, you knew me Em F# And now I think you're sick I wanna go home
(INTERLUDE - 2x) B Anybody ever say no? B Ever tell you that you weren't right? B Where did all the little kid go? B A Did you lose it in a hateful fight? F# And you know it's true (CHORUS 1) (INTERLUDE - 2x) B

Written by Mike Dirnt/Green Day

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